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The Course


The USATF Certified course will be electronically timed using the MYLAPS Bibtag system. There will be timing (split) points and clocks throughout the course. Water, Lemon Lime Nuun Endurance, and restrooms will be available approximately every 1 - 2 miles. Medical support will be available throughout the course.

The USATF certified course starts in North Brooklyn and passes under the iconic Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges before heading up the historic concourses of Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenues. The 13.1-mile course then passes through Grand Army Plaza before finishing in Prospect Park.

Course Map

Interactive Course Map

Strava Course Map


The safety of our runners is always our main concern. An experienced team of medical personnel will be stationed throughout the course to handle all situations. We will have medical facilities at both the start and finish areas as well as designated medical tents and personnel located along the entire 13.1-mile course.

The NYCRUNS Brooklyn Half Marathon will be using the event flag system to communicate any changes in event safety status. Check out the details here.


Hydration stations will be located every 1 – 2 miles along the course providing water and Lemon Line Nunn Endurance.

Standard and ADA portable restrooms are located throughout the course.


All backpacks and over-the-shoulder hydration vests are strictly prohibited, and runners will not be able to enter the start area with them. Runners will be permitted to enter the start area and run with hydration/fuel belts and handheld water bottles of one (1) liter or less. 


Earpieces and headphones are permitted for use on the course; however, we recommend runners use those devices with care. Participants must be always alert to their surroundings and will need to hear important announcements made at the start, on the course, and at the finish.

You can run with the GPS watch device of your choosing and sync it with this Strava course map if you want.


The NYCRUNS Brooklyn Half Marathon finish line will close at 12:30 PM (which is a 4:00 pace for runners starting in Wave 4). Runners who do not cross the finish line prior to 12:30 PM will not be recorded as official finishers and may not receive full on-course support from aid stations and traffic safety personnel or receive a finisher medal. Roadways outside of Prospect Park will re-open to traffic in a rolling fashion.

A sweep vehicle will follow behind the last runners in the race and will provide transportation to the finish for participants who are unable to maintain the required pace. Runners who wish to continue running after the sweep vehicle passes them and the streets begin to open will be directed to the sidewalks.


For the safety of everyone, strollers and dogs are not allowed in this race.

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