Athlete Tracking

Live athlete tracking is available through the FREE NYCRUNS Brooklyn Half Marathon app, available race week in the Apple App Store or Google Play. It offers live athlete tracking, transportation info, course maps, weather, alerts, results, and more!

Cheer Zones

  • Cheer Zone #1: Williamsburg Bridge at Kent Avenue (Subway access via the JMZ to Marcy Avenue and L to Bedford Avenue. NYC Ferry to South Williamsburg) This is approximately Mile 2 on the course, so get here early and make some noise.

  • Cheer Zone #2: Columbus Park at Cadman Plaza (Subway access via the 2345NRW to Court Street/Borough Hall) At roughly mile 6 of the course, this cheer zone is located adjacent to Brooklyn Borough Hall.

  • City Point Cheer Zone: Albee Square at City Point (Subway access via the NRW to Dekalb Avenue) At roughly mile 8 of the course, this cheer zone is located in historic Fulton Street Mall.

Finish Line Access & Post Race Reunion

Due to security and space constraints, finish line access is restricted to those with a Spectator Pass. There will be no direct access to the finish line.

We have a limited number of Spectator Passes available for purchase which will give your friends and family a front-row seat to the finish line. Spectators Passes can be purchased online and will need to be picked up at the Expo.

We suggest athletes reunite with family and friends outside of Prospect Park. However, there will be a Friends and Family Reunion Area adjacent to the post-race festival in the Nethermead (a short distance from the finish.)

Please do not bring large bags into the Finish or Reunion area. All bags will be subject to search and refusal. No weapons or any kind, flammable liquids, fuels, fireworks, toxic chemicals, explosives, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, blankets, or any other item that security deems dangerous to participants, spectators, staff, or volunteers are allowed at the race.